Effects of Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

Efectos de las trufas mágicas

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The effects of Magic Mushrooms and Truffles are very similar. The psilocine and psilocybine are causing the radical change of perception of reality. Once ingested, the first effects appear after 15 to 45 minutes and the trip takes approximately 4 to 7 hours. Within the first two hours the effect tend to be the most intense. Some people experience the effects to come in waves, which last 30 minutes and than disappears to stabilize the effects.

A trip is a very personal experience, therefore the final effects may vary from person to person. In addition to the species, the dosage, and setting will have influence on the final effect.

What do most people experience?

  • Visual effects (intense colors, distortion of forms, with closed eyes, look Fractals, colors and geometric shapes, etc)
  • Intense perception of sound (the senses mingle, music and sounds look like colors)
  • Relaxing and uncluttered feeling
  • Creative thoughts
  • Philosophical thoughts (feelings and deep thoughts)
  • Sharpening of senses
  • Feeling of wonder or admiration
  • Different perception of space-time relation (time seems to pass more slowly)

Physical effects:

  • Relaxed muscles
  • Chilly, cold feelings with shivers all over the body
  • Nausea
  • Thirsty
  • Being fatigue after the trip

Experience with shrooms or truffles is a fantastic and miraculous experience for most people. Unfortunately this is not a case with everyone. Some people will find that the drastic change of reality is a difficult and intense experience and can cause fear and panic attacks. This is called a “Bad Trip”. A bad trip is very annoying, but nothing to worry about. The effects are only temporarily and will disappear after several hours. In this situation it is helpful to have a sober person (the “sitter”) around to keep that person calm.

Scientific studies have not found any negative physical harm associated with use of Magic Mushrooms or truffles in short or long term. They do not produce neuronal or brain damage. It is not addictive. In mentally healthy people, they do not cause any psychological damage.