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Kratom (Mytragyna speciosa) is a tree which grows in South East Asia (Mainly in Thailand & Malasia). The use of Kratom leaves has a long history, because of it’s strong stimulating and narcotic qualities. Kratom’s main active substance is mitragyne.

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Kratom is a versatile drug with a plethora of benefits. Becomes from Southeast Asia, belongs to the family Rubiaceae. This tree is normally 9 meters high and 4,5 meters wide. Is famous because of its leaves which contain more than 25 alkaloids (most of them known as Mitragyna Speciosa) which produce a similar effect to opium although it is not an opiate. The leaves of the tree Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom have been used, traditionally, for its medicinal proprieties as stimulant to overcome the burdens of their hard work and scanty existences, as an analgesic, as a substitute in opiate or heroin withdrawal, as a anti-diarrheal and even as an aphrodisiac to intensify or prolong sexual intercourse. The katrom is known as the opium of the poor. It is mainly cultivated in Malaysia, Indochina and Thailand although its cultivation has spread to another countries now, like Indonesia, Bali, India, etc.

In Southeast Asia Katrom is usually consumed by chewing fresh leaves , but given the difficulty of getting fresh Kratom leaves to the West, there you´ll find dried or crushed leaves.The main active substance is mitragin.


1- Weigh the amount from which you want to make the tea. The minimum dose for beginners is 2 to 5 gr. 5 and 10gr is a normal dose and more than 12gr is a strong dose for experienced people. The Kratom creates tolerance so if the consumption is very regular every time you will need more quantity to get the same effects.

2- Boil glass and half or two of water, depends on the dose. For doses higher than 10gr two glasses are recommended. Add prepared kratom and squeeze of lemon juice, some alkaloids chains do not break without the lemon.

3- Remove and leave between 10-15min.

4- When the tea is ready, filter it. You can use a strainer or coffee filter so that there are no traces of leaves left in the tea.

5- Add sugar or sweetener to soften the flavor.

6- Drink it slowly, enjoy. Kratom should be taken on an empty stomach for increased effects.

The effects of Kratom will come on within five to ten minutes after ingestion and can last for several hours.


Put a glass of boiling water with a squeeze of lemon in a saucepan or microwave, when it reaches boiling point add 2 or 3grs resin and stir until dissolved.


Our kratom is of great quality so you will need less quantity to notice the effects. As opium and all its derivatives, the body builds tolerance to kratom consumption, so if you are a regular consumer, every time you will need more quantity to notice the same effects.

The effects depend on each person. Ideal is to start with low doses to see how your body reacts. A normal dose is between 2 and 5gr, this amount is enough to notice the stimulant effects. You will feel more energetic, clearer and more sociable.

If you take a dose higher than 8gr you notice analgesic and sedative effects. With more than 10gr you enter in a state when your body will be relaxed and feel a pleasant sensation of peace.

2-6 grams = Mild effects (usually stimmulanting )

7-15 grams = Medium effects (can be stimulating or sedative - soothing - euphoric)

16-25 grams = Strong effects (sedative - soothing - euphoric - these effects may be too intense for sensitive people)


At small doses the Kratom produces a stimulating and energizing effect. Increasing the amount, effects will be more analgesic and sedatives entering a in a state of very pleasant.

It promotes mental alertness, physical energy and sociability. You may experience a feeling of drunkenness. Sexual energy can be increased, Kratom postpone male orgasm.

High doses of Kratom have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. Euphoria and a state of drowsiness between sleep and awakening. Music can be felt more intensely. The duration of the experience is 2 - 5 hours.

On a physical level, these effects can be seen:

  • Decreased pain due to its analgesic effects
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Warm sensations
  • Elimination of cough
  • Descent of breath
  • Dizziness and nausea the first few times


It is usually distinguished between varieties and denomination. There are 3 varieties: red vein, white vein, green vein. But the most important thing is the provenance as this will determine the power. The Thai variety is very energizing along with the Maeng Da, considered the most powerful present. On the contrary the Bali variety which is more sedating. Within each variety we also find different qualities and power.


The Kratom we sell on Growtrades is exclusively for decorative use, or burn as incense. All information contained on this website is only informative character. Whatever you want to do with, is only your responsibility. Kratom is not a medicine. Although it is legal in most countries worldwide, its use is not regulated. If you are going to consume kratom do not drive or manipulate machinery, ot mezclez with other drugs. It is not suitable for pregnant women or children.


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Kratom Thai High Quality Crushed

Kratom Thai High Quality Crushed

Kratom (Mytragyna speciosa) is a tree which grows in South East Asia (Mainly in Thailand & Malasia). The use of Kratom leaves has a long history, because of it’s strong stimulating and narcotic qualities. Kratom’s main active substance is mitragyne.

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